Enviro Bike Box


Enviro Bike Box is the most unique and revolutionary bike case out there! We got script writing, storyboarding, cameras, tripods and audio recording gear out and set out to make a series of instruction video material destined to be valuable to customers.

Software used: Adobe Premier Pro, After Effects, Audition, Illustrator and Photoshop.

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Extending your enviro Bike box

The Extendable Enviro Bike Box allows you to extend your bike box to different sizes increasing the ways in which you can use the bike box.

We used a mixture of graphics, fancy camera work and a solid voice over (Thanks John!) to create an effective instructional video.

Setting up your Extendable Enviro Bike Box

A quick guide on setting up your Extendable Enviro Bike Box.

I used Adobe Premier Pro to edit these series of videos, Photoshop and Illustrator for graphic design work and Adobe Audition to process audio recorded with our good friend the Audio-Technica AT875R Shotgun Condenser Mic to get a thick clean sound.