Self[Y] Film Festival 2014


City of Greater Dandenong ran a film festival for Mental Health Week where schools were invited to participate in creating compelling dynamic videos about Mental Health and supporting each other. My roles in this project were to collate all the videos for the Film Festival, create a DVD Menu for participants, designing video graphics, designing the cd and dvd cover.

Software used: Adobe Premier, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator

Feel like a super star

The Self[Y] Film Festival day was a day where we could all join together to meet each other, watch video entries on the big screen and really learn about Mental Health Week.

For showcasing the video entry awards, I edited snippets of each of the nominees into each of the categories, like the logies!

A film festival to remember

Self[Y] Film Festival 2014, Mental Health Starts With Me was a memorable one, to make sure no one forgot about it, we gave all the participants a dvd that contained all of the entries and the winners.

My role was to create a friendly easy to navigate DVD Menu containing all of the entries and to include the winner categories.

Dynamic introduction sequences

Another CGD Film Festival called 'Help Your Mate' I helped out created some branded introduction sequences using After Effects.